An Alternate Reality Adventure RPG

Terramon is an alternate reality game that uses your GPS location to control your in-game character. This alternate world is populated with dozens of creatures called Terramon. Try to collect them all! Get the app

Our app features

Catch Terramon On Your Way To School Or Work

Since your character's movement is based on your real life movement, you can turn your daily commute into an exciting adventure to find new Terramon!

Wide Variety of Terramon

There are dozens of different Terramon to find throughout the world. Each Terramon is part of a unique evolution tree. There are also several different types of Terramon, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Lots of Items

The world of Terramon contains several different items, each with a unique effect. Some items can be used during battles to help you win a tough fight while others can be used outside of battles to boost the stats of your current Terramon.


About Us


About Us

Wouldn't you like to know... (if yes, keep reading)

Alex Krush and I (Robert Schwartzberg) met as undergraduates at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. Alex has been making iPhone apps since... I don't know, high school? Ask him. I've been developing my own video games since 2011. In early 2015, we began working on Terramon (under the working title "Geomon"). The premise of the game was based on the 2014 game "Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge".

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